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what do you say when someone asks your name?


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ok this is a new community.
it is all in the name. hiyawanalaya (say it out loud slowly)
got it? good.
this is NOT a rating community, it is for those of us into music. what kind? punk, ska, reggae, oi, pop punk, etc.

not only will we be sharing photos of you, but photos of you with band members, and icons you have made.
plus, we would love to hear your music, so link us up baby. can't wait to hear it.
got a site for a band you love? post away, we all love to learn new things about different bands.

DO NOT use hateful or derrogatory remarks towards other members, do not bash other members for musical styles, clothes, spelling, etc.
DO use the community to learn more about different bands, members, tours, concerts, etc.
DO post nudity BEHIND A CUT.
DO whore out your favorite message boards, websites, photos, bands, etc.
DO whore us out. we wanna get everyone in the know.
got it? good.

(rules likely to change or grow, please keep updated. we will post updates in the comm when needed.)

this is not an application, but when you join, please fill it out and post it behind a cut so we can get to know a little about you. thanks!

fav. website:
your website:
what got you interested in your favorite band:
where you found us:
what you are looking for in 'hiyawanalaya':
a good clear pic of yourself. as many as you feel you want to show.